Communication System Introduction | Process of communication.

Communication is a process or technique for sharing data or information from one place to another. For the purpose of communication, information is a useful message in the form of pictures, speech, words, symbols, data, etc. These messages come from some source know as information. The group of such messages is known as a set of information.

The radio station gives the set of information in the form of speech, whereas a television station gives it in the form of speech and pictures, visually. Information is ordinarily named as Signal and data. Most of the time some codes are used to send information from one place to another.

The type of code used depends on the information that has to first Sorted and processed. For example, in communication by telephone, the speech has to be first converted into a corresponding electrical signal with the help of a microphone. A lot of further processing is required to make such a message or signal suitable for sending to faraway places.

Process of communication.

The information source provides a signal in low frequency [normally audible i.e, audio range(AF) or voice frequency (VF) range]. The low-frequency signal is not suitable for transmission to long-distance, hence special processes are required to mount them on the high-frequency waves.

This function along with the amplification is carried out by electronic circuits like Oscillator, amplifier, filters, etc. Wire link wireless links(ground or skywave) or fiber links are set up between the transmitter and receiver. The receiver extracts the information and supplies it to a destination type of information. So, the word information conveys a special meaning and like mass, length, energy, etc it is also a measure able physics quantity.

Element of communication system-

The communications system consists of an information source, a transmitter, a link, receiver. Supplying of the electrical signal corresponding to the speech in telephone to earpieces which is nothing but the speaker.

Hence, communication is the processing, sending, and receiving of information with the help of suitable communication devices and transmission.

Basic forms of communication:-

The various forms of communication in common use.

  1. Telegraph- In this form of communication messages in the form of dots and dashes are sent from one place to another.
  2. Telephony- in this form of communication voice signals are sent from one place to another by means of a wire.
  3. Radio broadcast- in this communication message basically in the form of speech is converted to an electrical signal and then transmitted from one place to another
  4. Television broadcast- in this both sound, as well as pictures, are transmitted from one place to another by using very high frequency (VHF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio waves.
  5. Radar – radar means radio detection and ranging.
  6. Email– it is electronic mail.
  7. Fax- full form fax is facsimile telegraphy.
  8. Mobile phone- it is basically a mini wireless phone for exchanging msg as well as for mobile telephone is also known as a cellular phone because they operate within a network of radio cells

Communication are also identified on the basis of link between transmitter and receiver, cables communication , ground wave communication ,sky wave communication , satellite communications optical fibre communication.etc..

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